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As we saw in our previous post on our blog, which you can read at the following link, trade fairs are one of the main commercial tools to attract customers, reducing the conversion cost compared to direct sales by up to 45%. The trade shows offers a lot of benefits and opportunities to organizations in order to advertise their products and expand their Brand because fairs concentrates suppliers, intermediaries and customers in the same space for several days.

Europe is, with North America, one of the two continents in which the trade show sector is very important, showing its multiple benefits and opportunities that it generates. In 2018, 17.638 trade shows were held in Europe. Then, we show you the European countries and the number of fairs held in that year:

  • France: 5.094
  • Turkey: 2.557
  • Italy: 1.732
  • Germany: 1.390
  • Spain: 1.229
  • Poland: 965
  • Finland: 867
  • Russia: 860
  • Netherlands: 596
  • Belgium: 512
  • Austria: 442
  • Switzerland: 415
  • Sweden: 177
  • Portugal: 136
  • Ukraine: 115
  • Croatia: 92
  • Bulgaria: 77
  • Hungary: 68
  • Monaco: 67
  • Luxembourg: 61
  • Romania: 61
  • Slovenia: 60
  • Moldova: 35
  • Czech Republic: 30

As we have just seen, the European countries with more trade shows were France, Turkey, Italy, Germany and Spain. In the following posts on our blog we will analyze the 3 most important fairs in these 5 countries.

Grupo ALC have been accompanying our clients since 1998 wherever they want to expand their company, whether in Europe or anywhere in the world. We design and manufacture stands to guarantee your trade show results.

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